You're looking for a logo or corporate identity. Great. We're really good at that.

Let's turn this into some sort of a compatibility test. Let's look how well you fit us as a customer (yes, we're mainly in it for ourselves).

We will ask a few more questions. But don't worry, not too many. After this one just two more. Let's talk about the approach.

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What do you expect from us as a design agency?

By the way, here are some examples of identities we've made.

Pera Logo

Stichting Pera

A logo for an Amsterdam foundation focused on bringen together Turkish and Dutch youth by organizing parties.

Pera Logo Thumbnail
Sociologenpanel Logo


A logo for a returning item on the website Sociale Vraagstukken. A website also developed by us.

Sociologenpanel Logo Thumbnail
PVN Logo

Psoriasis Vereniging Nederland

An identity for an association of psoriasis patient and others involved in the Netherlands.

PVN Logo Thumbnail